Veterans Services

Veterans, do you qualify?

Do you meet the criteria listed below?  You may be eligible to receive benefits from the Veterans Administration.  If you qualify you could receive a maximum of $1,675 a month* paid directly to you. A widow or widower of a vet could receive $908.*

Service Requirements:

  • Served in the armed forces—with 90 or more days active duty, at least one of which was during war time
  • Was discharged other than dishonorably (general or honorable)

Disability Requirements:

  • Permanently or totally disabled—the VA accepts a doctor’s letter stipulating to the disability status
  • Is in need of care and assistance on a regular basis to protect the veteran/survivor from the hazards and dangers of his/her daily environment, however, he/she does not have to be totally helpless

Net Worth / Income Requirements:

  • Income cannot exceed $1,675 month.*  HOWEVER, many non-reimbursable expenses can be deducted from income including non-medical home care.
  • Asset valuation limits also apply.  Call your benefits coordinator for details.

Please Give Us A Call For Assistance In Filling Out The Application

Amount may fluctuate slightly with yearly cost of living increase

Source: The Veterans’ Administration, 2006

For More Information:
Call The Veterans’ Administration at 1-800-827-1000